Dr. Feager A. Pertilla

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Past Experiences

Dr. Pertilla was the principal of First Church of God Christian School where she served for 31 years and retired in June 2006.  First  Church of God Christian School was one of the most noted Urban  Christian Schools in the nation and has been dually accredited by The Association of Christian Schools’ International (ACSI) and the  Western Association of Schools and Colleges since 1983.  She served on the Pastoral staff as the Director of Education for the First Church of  God…Center of Hope Inglewood, California. Most recently, Dr. Pertilla served as Superintendent of Schools for Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools on the campus of Crenshaw Christian  Center and the Director of the Apostle Price Ministry Training Institute.

Additionally, she is a consultant to Christian Schools; conducts teacher workshops and seminars. She is a mentor for  Administrators, teachers, and students.


Dr. Pertilla sat on the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools’ International)  Board which is comprised of 29 members. She was the third woman to sit on this board and the first African American. This board sets policies, for over 1.5 million Christian students worldwide. During her term of service, and Urban Schools division was established along with many changes that provided greater opportunity for women to serve as well as many changes that occurred which helped the underprivileged and underserved student.


She was recognized by Secretary of Education Page as an outstanding, gifted, and dedicated educator. Serving on the Accrediting Commission for the Association of Christian Schools’ International as well as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, where she was chairperson for Schools in Taiwan and other parts of the United States was an honor and a privilege.


Dr. Pertilla has done numerous seminars for ACSI as well as other Christian and secular organizations. She has been the keynote speaker for numerous conventions, churches, and educational organizations and is a much sought after seminar leader and speaker. A stellar educator, committed to Youth and Education is only a small part of her success. She is a dedicated, loyal and committed woman of God. Dr. Pertilla is forthright in her conversation and stands for truth. She is available to God for whatever he wants her to do.


Accreditation Chairperson, District Representative

Association of Christian Schools International

  • Chaired over 13 accreditation teams evaluating private Schools in Southern California Chaired accreditation team visiting elementary, junior high and high schools in Taiwan of over 3500 students in 3 providences


Board of Directors

Association of Christian Schools International, Educational Field Studies, Just Lovin’ Music Studios

  • Served as Secretary and Chairperson for Legal Legislative Committee for the Board of Directors for the Association of Christian Schools’ International. This board implemented and developed policies for 1.5 million students worldwide.

  • Served in an advisory capacity for Educational Field Studies an organization that encouraged to see the world as the classroom, so much travel was done to encourage young people to actually see our world and get out of their communities and the four walls of a school building

  • Served in an advisory capacity and gave ideas for procuring  over $100,000.00 for Just Lovin’ Music Studio, believing that Music will help develop the whole child


  • Taught the writing process for Summer School low income and under-served students in the Watts  Area (King Drew University).

  • Taught research and the fundamentals of writing and English for the Southern California School of Ministry

  • Conducted numerous seminars re: the writing process, discipline, developing rubric, classroom organization, effective teaching method, etc. at the Association of Christian Schools’ Conventions in California, Texas, Florida, Washington, North Carolina, and Ohio as well as was the Keynote Speaker for the conventions

  • Conducted numerous staff development workshops and accreditation workshops for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Christian Schools International