Saturday Program

Saturday Program

Did you know that boys in grades 3‐8 are at the highest risk in Urban Communities?

Research states that if boys are empowered in a positive way during this age, they will be extremely successful.

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Our Yearly Programs


Program #1/2 Writing

Will enhance writing skills. At the end of the program, students will have a book they have written.


Program #4 Community Service

Students will be involved in several community projects. At the end of the program students will understand the importance of helping others.


Program #6 Auto Mechanics

Students will learn basic skills as it relates to cars, i.e., changing tires, oil and other basic skills.


Program #3 Woodshop

Students will work with wood and know the significance of the builder. At the end of the program, students will have built a project with their hands.


Program #5 Photography

Students will gain knowledge in the art of photography. At the end of the program students will be able to capture images in various ways and they will have an album of their photos.


Program #7/8 Leadership Skills

Students will learn the art of becoming an Entrepreneur. They will visit businesses and will write a Business Plan.


Meet the Director

Mrs. Carol A. Picott has served and taught in the field of education for about 30 years with both private and public school education.  Carol was a Before and Aftercare teacher for the 4-H program in Little Rock, California, and began working with the Palmdale Southern Baptist Church Pre-school before and after program from 1988 to 1992.


Carol became a combination teacher with Roseanne’s Private School teaching Kindergarten through third grade from 1992 to 1994.


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My granddaughter has a learning challenge and although she has an IEP, we felt like her school was not sufficiently meeting her needs.  We heard about Challenging Opportunity Tutorial Services, from a member of our church and decided to give it a try.  From the first day, we could see Dr. Pertilla and her team, was going to be invested in our child's outcome, both academically and personally.  Her method of positivity really allowed our child to shine, with each session her confidence grew.  In just a couple of weeks we could see improvement in her work and her self-esteem. We are looking forward to being able to bring our child back.

 - Debra Walker